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Production and selling of native ferns

The Thelypteris phegopteris fern beech

A unique ground cover.

Native to Quebec, the Mountain fern can measure between 10 to 30 cm, depending on where it grows (in the sun or shade). Most ferns are 40% shorter when they grow in the sun rather than in the shade. When planted at 35 cm, the Mountain fern has a fast enough growth to cover an area in a single season. It grows in almost any environment: on rooftops, on rock walls (vertically) and even in the sun when the soil is more humus-rich than the rather dry mineral soil it usually colonizes. Add a forest compost soil of 5 cm at the surface of the culture for optimal development of the plant across the width.  

Production de fougères indigènes Laurentides
Production de fougères indigènes Laurentides

Very hardy, it is found on the highest peaks of Quebec. Its very dense and proliferating rhizome stabilizes the slopes where there is very little soil to grow. Only two inches of soil is enough for it to develop. For its implantation on a steep slope, dig a 3-4 inch-deep hole to keep it in position while it takes root. You will observe how it spreads across the rock and into the small cracks.

My favourite place to plant it remains the inhospitable soil under conifers. Herbaceous or even woody plants that can survive in this type of soil for a long time are rare. The Mountain fern enjoys this type of environment as long as the first branches are high enough to allow enough light to pass through. I recommend a clear distance of 1m.

In terms of competition with other plants, it is not stifling for the larger plants but may cover and deprive the smallest ones (like bearberry) of light but will not compete with tiarella or grass. It is dense enough not to leave any light to the seeds that may have fallen inside the colony.

When planting, care should be taken to ensure that the soil around the fern is not left bare until it covers the entire surface. Under conifers, there is almost no competition, so there is no need to worry, but where grass grows, it is better to take some precautions so that these invasive species do not come and settle in the colony. Mulch is highly recommended!

Production de fougères indigènes Laurentides

The availability of this fern is ensured by Les Fougères Boréales for several thousands of 7cm and 1 litre pots. Nevertheless, make sure that you keep the production team well informed in order to plan the desired quantity of crops for your large projects in the coming years.

If we do not have the fern in stock, its production must be planned before December for it to be delivered in August of the following year (9 months later) in a 7 cm pot. All our 1 litre ferns require 18 months of production.

Dare give back a natural look to your landscaping projects!

Production de fougères indigènes Laurentides

Here is a plant that measures 30 cm. A 1 litre (10cm) pot planted 3 months earlier, at the end of May. A 10 cm growth on each side  

Production de fougères indigènes Laurentides

Planting at 16 inches (40 cm) 9-13 pots / m2

Production de fougères indigènes Laurentides

Planting at 24 inches (50 cm) 3-5 pots / m2

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