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Production and selling of native ferns


Founded in 1996, by Adamo Senécal, a passionate horticulturist and speaker,
Les Fougères Boréales inc is a company that specializes in the production of native ferns in Quebec.
Our primary goal is to propagate and distribute the most sought-after ferns among horticulturists for landscaping and naturalization purposes.
The company offers over 18 species of native ferns and cultivars from Europe and Asia, all of which are hardy in Quebec.
Our values: closeness to nature, balance, integrity, family, leisure and promotion of people.
The company is located at the heart of nature in St-Sophie in the lower Laurentians, Quebec (Canada).

Award: Les Fougères Boréales received the Minister's Award in 2002 for Innovative Horticultural Company of the Year

Production of native ferns Laurentides

Information published on this website is the result of 23 years of experience in fern propagation and cultivation in Quebec. The height, growth and hardiness reported on our web pages have been determined based on our own observations here in Quebec. Some information may differ from that provided on other websites or books referenced in Europe or elsewhere.

Hardiness zoning is a generalization made with respect to a plant's environment and climatic conditions. Therefore, it is a mistake to believe that zone 4, in Quebec for example, offers the same growth medium as zone 4 in British Columbia or elsewhere in the world.

Being sensitive to light, ferns can change size or shape from one year to another depending on light availability and temperature in spring.

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